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Snake River Chapter, Idaho

Posted by HOSS on November 25, 2012 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Just created Face Book Page for our new chapter IWMC Snake River Chapter. Get on and like the page. Ride Safe


Who We Are

Posted by DOGMAN on July 14, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

We are Americans. That is not a race, but a creed and an honor. It is a privilege to be a citizen of the greatest Republic to ever grace the Earth.........

We are the Public Safety Sword and Shield, part of something bigger than ourselves.

We are the force that stands between good and evil.

We are the protector of life and liberty.

We are that thin line of courage.

We are Iron Warriors, keep your sword sharp, and wear your shield with pride.


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,and to the Republic for which it stands.

One nation, under God,indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


JD Fest in Memphis

Posted by Yankee on September 30, 2011 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I wanted to thank everyone in Memphis for throwing a great event. Myself and the Heart of Dixie Chapter had a great time and look forward to coming to Memphis every year. The Party at Chucks House was outstanding. I especially want to thank you for allowing us to Patch-In the Naked Chief, he will be leaving for Afghanistan real soon. The food was excellent and the beer was ice cold as usual. It’s nice to see all our Brothers from TN, MS, IL, GA, SC, FL, LA and AL (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out). The Party at Coyote Ugly was unbelievable. The Dirt Brothers Band were outstanding (even thought they didn’t wear shoes). Skipper bought enough Body Shots to keep the whole place going. And you got to love those Iron Warriors, Order of Garter and Sidearm Ladies for dancing on the Bar. Once again Thank You for allowing us to be there. I look forward to next year.


2011 National Meeting--Des Moines, Ia

Posted by Speedbump-Templar on June 29, 2011 at 1:21 AM Comments comments (0)

I want to thank the members of the Central Iowa Chapter, the Central Iowa Crue'd Pigs and the Nebraska chapters for such a well organized and very well supplied meeting, get together and party. Job Well done. Everything was perfect, except for one thing........................................................Attendance.


Members need to commit once every two years to attend this event wherever it is. If you as a member cannot take the time off work to ride to, attend and ride home, maybe flying in and out and attending for a day or two or three would be manageable.


This club is about Camraderie, if you don't associate, you can't further camraderie.

Promote the brotherhood --- attend chapter, regional and national events and use your national web site to promote your events, posting articles and pictures.

Speedbump------Templar Chapter


Times Past felt a few minutes ago....

Posted by MuskRat on May 25, 2011 at 12:19 PM Comments comments (0)

Times past, felt a minute ago....By Freebird914 (aka MuskRat)

As the wrench slowly turned he heard the creak of the bolt breaking from years of being tighten.

He knew he was on his way.

He stepped back and looked at the engine it had taken him this far and he couldn't let go of a good friend now.

The smell of gas, grease, and solvents filled the air.

Music in the background ...

That"s the song...

It reminded him of a time long ago...

As the memories flood back to the night

A cold sweat comes across his body

He was young again laughing and joking

You remember now

was it in Charleston?

So long ago..

SO many nights...

It started as most nights

meeting at the Bar

sharing a few drinks and laughs

The smoke filled room

the smoking area out back

but it was time to ride

The engines fired to life

Heading out

Running thru downtown

nothing happening here

Over the Cooper

Isle of Palms

Gentle Sea breeze

As we backed the bikes in

we all start to laugh

Though a short ride

The time well spent,  was worth it

This was the beginning of the end

Soon we would all be going our seperate ways

Some going home,  others making new homes

but for one  it would be the last night we spent together.

We never knew what would happen that night

Our fate was hidden but she waited for one of us

WE laughed and shared a few drinks

Sitting on the Deck the WindJammer

It felt like home some nights

other times it was a tourist trap.

Tonight it just felt right.

Looking out to the sea

we remembered

the silence was shared by a cigarette

as we stared at the waves breaking.

Laughter broke the silence

We all looked at each other and smiled

Life was good....

It was time to go

we all cranked the bikes

the breeze felt cool

the lights of the city shined bright

as we crossed the Cooper

How many times had we been under the Bridge

Sailing to the Sea

I saw it coming but it was to late

WE where going too fast in the turn

I watch as the rear tire

started to slide, and you tried to save it

I saw you try to turn the bars

trying to control

The brake light showed me you panic

I watch as you as a last ditch threw your foot down

The asphalt pulled you off as the bike slid out from under you

I watched

as I saw the force of the stop twist your body

as you tumbled toward  the guard rail

Brakes where on

our friends where turning around

Barley getting the kickstand down trying to get to you

I reached you and tried to speak

but tears filled my eyes

training was taking over

check for a pulse

breathing and bleeding

I held you looking

into your eyes

A deep breath

Blood coming from your mouth and nose

I saw the look and knew it was time.

I held you close till the Medics


but it was to late

and I cried...

The old man felt that night as if it was tonight.

He wiped a tear from his eye

and looked at the bike

It wasn't this bike but one like her

Sometimes the only relief

The old man feels is turn

A wrench and feeling the wind..


911 Remembrance Celebration

Posted by Speedbump-Templar on May 17, 2011 at 4:14 PM Comments comments (0)

On the weekend of 9-11-11 there will be a National Event taking place in New York and Las Vegas as well as other locations. The Templar Chapter (Reno) will be attending the Las Vegas Event. During these three days the have various events planned as well as entertainment. There are 5 different motorcycle runs planned for the date of 09-10-11. They vary from 60+ miles to 170 miles and culminate at the same ending point. There will also be a parade of heros. If you are interested in attending and meeting up contact me. If you wish for more info on the event, go to



I hope we can get a good showing of IWMC at the event and we can ride together and represent our organization.

Derek "SPEEDBUMP" Cecil


Posted by Preacher on January 25, 2011 at 11:08 PM Comments comments (0)

When the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club began, the Idaho Chapter of the Western Region submitted the logo-center patch design that was eventually selected by a vote of the national membership to represent the Iron Warriors M/C. The colors were designed to represent the history and heritage of the Club, and to represent the spirit and heart of the membership.

The logo symbol consists of a knight’s helmet and winged breastplate behind a shield with crossed Scottish Claymore swords. On the shield is the Iron Warriors coat of arms, consisting of a wild boar’s head emerging from the American flag. This coat of arms reflects the history of our original association with the Wild Pigs M/C, and our common ancestry with those other public safety motorcycle clubs that emerged from the Wild Pigs. The emblems of knighthood and the colors in the logo symbolize honor, valor, and the warrior spirit.

The lettering on our upper and lower rockers is red and white. The red symbolizes the blood of warriors, current and passed, shed in public safety service. The white symbolizes the purity and sacred pledge of each member’s common oath to serve others, even at one’s own peril. Within the shield, there is a red and blue cross. These colors represent the thin red and blue lines of fire and police holding firm against all threats. The cross represents our common Judeo-Christian Heritage. (By Bill Braddock of the Boise, Idaho Chapter; the person who designed the patch and gave meaning to it)

There are obvious arrows which point to our Club’s history and significance embedded in the design of the patch. Red and Blue as fire eaters and cops. A boar for the Wild Pigs reference and the American flag for our country seem likely to be on the patch, Heraldry and the meaning of symbols on a Coat of Arms. Whether intentional or not, the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club patch has much significance to it.

Just a short by-pass of information to impart here, the flag of the United States of America was derived, not in whole, but in part, from the Coat of Arms for the family of George Washington. His Coat of Arms had three red mullets (stars) at the top with red bars and white bars below. Just the thought of George Washington having a red mullet seemed humorous.

The origins of the heraldic device, which later led to the Coat of Arms, dates to the 12th century in Europe. The heraldic device started as a cloth tunic worn over or in place of armor to establish identity in battle. It depicted the history of the bearer like an honored hieroglyphic.

Starting with the helmet or the helm, per its design and features, it is the helmet of a protector. A helmet on a Coat of Arms means the person wearing it possesses strength, protection and invulnerability. A helmet facing forward denotes royalty or the house of royalty. Though we are not royalty, far from it, we do gain the authority to do our jobs from the executive branch of government. The fire service and law enforcement exist for the sole purpose to protect life and property and hopefully improve the communities we serve.

The color of the helmet is ardent (white or silver). Obviously the white would take on the symbol of purity, but it means more than that. The ardent color indicates sincerity and peace. Our professions are best served when we are sincere about our mission and we bring peace and order to a problem.

Working down from the helmet, there are the wings and shield. There also are the colors of the patch and the assignment given them throughout time.

Wings on a Coat of Arms denote swiftness and protection. Public safety officers ride quickly into trouble to help protect those in trouble. The wings provide a lifted spirit the means to fly over the landscape and assess the condition.

The shield on the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club is multifaceted. It is quartered in a cross pattern and has an inset shield; also known as in escutcheoned. The quartered cross pattern is indicative of the savior spirit involved in the public safety officer. The obvious Christian symbol draws together the blue and red (Police/Fire) is the symbiotic relationship we have together.

The inset shield contains the boar and the colors of our American flag. Our flag is important as it symbolizes our purpose and the importance of our citizenship and loyalty.

The colors selected in our patch are white (silver), black, red, and blue. The combination of red, white and blue brings to the fore the patriotic purpose of our professions. Individually, the colors have other meanings as well which emote other feelings and their heraldic meaning amount to the full meaning of the red, white and blue.

Red or its heraldic name, “gules”, means the wearer is a warrior or martyr. A martyr is one who is witness to his/her principles and is willing to die for those principles. Blue, or its heraldic name, “azure”, is the color which indicates the wearer is truthful and loyal. The white in the colors can also be seen as silver (metal), or “argent”. The wearer of argent colors shows that he/she is dedicated to peace and sincerity. In the black backdrop, the accents and lines the black, or sable, means constancy and grief. The constancy is the steadfastness of our ilk and the grief is there reminding us of those brothers and sisters we have lost in the past.

Two swords are better than one. Two sides to public safety, law enforcement and fire protection, are better than just one of them. A club with both is the best. Symbols of history and greatness prove the past works of substance are affixed to our patches.

The sword is the emblem of military honor and incites the bearer to a just and generous pursuit of honor and virtue in warlike deeds. It is also symbolic of liberty and strength. In the Middle Ages, the sword was often used as a symbol of the word of God. The sword (especially borne with flames) is also a symbol of purification.

The swords on our patches come from the Scottish claymore type, which was over fifteen pounds and measured anywhere between five to six feet in length. This would have been a hefty task to swing around a sword of this size and to do so with quickness and sureness. The wearer of this sword on his/her coat of arms showed they were masters. They were also peacekeepers, as no one would want to offend someone who carried such a lethal force.

The Scottish claymore could cut in both directions; jab or stab; and, could be used as an impact weapon. The swordsmen of the 14th through the 17th century were respected for their face-to-face talents in battle. If you face that which is fearful to others, you are respected and revered.

That brings me to the boar on the Iron Warriors M/C patch. Yes, this is a tie to the history of our club’s beginnings, but it also is a symbol of the spirit of the boar. A boar is known to be a fierce fighter. It does not pick fights and it does not go out of its way to show how fierce it truly is. When a boar is confronted with a life and death situation, it will battle its adversary to the death. Many times, it needs only to show it can stand its ground. The boar was honored in the medieval times for the above attributes. To hunt and capture a boar was and still is very difficult. To have killed one for a feast was usually meant for when royalty was to be present. In Ireland, the boar is one of the most popular charges. The meat of the boar was considered food of the Celtic Gods. The symbol of the boar was worn in battle as a charm against injury. The kings of Ireland in medieval times highly respected the boar and made sure as many as possible would eat at the feast.

The boar is the symbol of bravery. A champion among wild beasts, it encounters enemies with nobility and courage, and, thus, has come to signify the traits of bravery and perseverance. The boar is a fierce combatant when at bay and ceases fighting only with victory or its life. I would like to see a boar with opposable thumbs that can wield a Scottish claymore sword.

I see the professions represented in our club as being symbolized accurately in the patch of the Iron Warriors M/C. Heraldry has a unique language, which allows anyone to see who the wearer of a coat of arms is and what he or she has done. In a very brief and direct way, the coat of arms gives the correct ‘first impression’ to the observer.

Together these colors and symbols represent those few public safety members found worthy, and chosen to be known as Iron Warriors.

(Originally published in the October through December2006 issues of the East Bay Iron Dispatch)

Faithfully submitted by:

George “Preacher” Horn, IWMC-East Bay

West Coast Roast

Posted by David Tozer "Baron" on November 17, 2010 at 11:53 PM Comments comments (1)

I want to thank everyone who was able to attend the West Coast Roast this year.

A great time was had by everyone just ask anyone who attended. A speical thanks goes out to Dave Alvarez who stepped up to the plate and took over when Dave Tozer and Greg Phillips came down with some medical issues that put us out of commission for awhile. Dave did a great job and it showed at the event.

Thursday started with the arrival of some of the chapters and pizza and beer around the pool lasted till late in the evening then moved to the parking lot.

Friday started out with a ride to Monterey Bay Area returning to the hotel that afternoon. We arraigned to shuttle anyone who wanted it to one of the local Winery's that puts on an evening dance outside under the trees next to the vineyards along with a great band and food. I didn’t know iron warriors like to dance so much, the band stayed around and kept playing blaming it on us saying we were having way too much fun and they wanted to be part of it.

Saturday was another ride out to San Juan Bautista and a bike blessing at one of the oldest missions in California. Thanks Ray Celano from G.G. for arringing that for us.


Since we were all blessed we figured that it was safe to take everyone to the clubhouse for food drinks and dancing. Everyone was happy. The Idaho chapter was able to watch the Boise State Football game on the big screen TV in the bar while everyone else danced and had a great time. We want to give an extra thank you to the Idaho Chapter for coming all this way to support us, and that goes for everyone who attended. Without you this event wouldn't have bee such a huge success. We are already working on next years West Coast Roast so get ready to make your calendars, we are planning on around the same time of year again. If anyone has any suggestions please let us know. THIS EVENT WAS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF BRINGING THE IWMC CHAPTERS TOGETHER AND HAVING FUN. THAT'S WHAT THIS CLUB IS ABOUT ENJOYING LIFE TOGETHER WITH YOU FRIENDS.


Dave Tozer




The Iron Warrior

Posted by DOGMAN on October 1, 2010 at 11:24 AM Comments comments (2)

          Once the badge goes on, it never comes off whether they can see it or not, it fuses to the soul through adversity, fear and adrenaline and no one who has ever worn it with pride, integrity and guts,can ever sleep through the "Call of the Wild" that wafts through the bedroom windows in the deep of the night.


Posted by Flex on September 24, 2010 at 9:33 AM Comments comments (0)

The last night of regionals, the guys with the Tattoo Shop set up.  They had one of the IWMC helmut in "garlands'? maybe.  Any way they would give up a copy.  THe more i think about that damn tat, the i think i want it.........