Times Past felt a few minutes ago....

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Times past, felt a minute ago....By Freebird914 (aka MuskRat)

As the wrench slowly turned he heard the creak of the bolt breaking from years of being tighten.

He knew he was on his way.

He stepped back and looked at the engine it had taken him this far and he couldn't let go of a good friend now.

The smell of gas, grease, and solvents filled the air.

Music in the background ...

That"s the song...

It reminded him of a time long ago...

As the memories flood back to the night

A cold sweat comes across his body

He was young again laughing and joking

You remember now

was it in Charleston?

So long ago..

SO many nights...

It started as most nights

meeting at the Bar

sharing a few drinks and laughs

The smoke filled room

the smoking area out back

but it was time to ride

The engines fired to life

Heading out

Running thru downtown

nothing happening here

Over the Cooper

Isle of Palms

Gentle Sea breeze

As we backed the bikes in

we all start to laugh

Though a short ride

The time well spent,  was worth it

This was the beginning of the end

Soon we would all be going our seperate ways

Some going home,  others making new homes

but for one  it would be the last night we spent together.

We never knew what would happen that night

Our fate was hidden but she waited for one of us

WE laughed and shared a few drinks

Sitting on the Deck the WindJammer

It felt like home some nights

other times it was a tourist trap.

Tonight it just felt right.

Looking out to the sea

we remembered

the silence was shared by a cigarette

as we stared at the waves breaking.

Laughter broke the silence

We all looked at each other and smiled

Life was good....

It was time to go

we all cranked the bikes

the breeze felt cool

the lights of the city shined bright

as we crossed the Cooper

How many times had we been under the Bridge

Sailing to the Sea

I saw it coming but it was to late

WE where going too fast in the turn

I watch as the rear tire

started to slide, and you tried to save it

I saw you try to turn the bars

trying to control

The brake light showed me you panic

I watch as you as a last ditch threw your foot down

The asphalt pulled you off as the bike slid out from under you

I watched

as I saw the force of the stop twist your body

as you tumbled toward  the guard rail

Brakes where on

our friends where turning around

Barley getting the kickstand down trying to get to you

I reached you and tried to speak

but tears filled my eyes

training was taking over

check for a pulse

breathing and bleeding

I held you looking

into your eyes

A deep breath

Blood coming from your mouth and nose

I saw the look and knew it was time.

I held you close till the Medics


but it was to late

and I cried...

The old man felt that night as if it was tonight.

He wiped a tear from his eye

and looked at the bike

It wasn't this bike but one like her

Sometimes the only relief

The old man feels is turn

A wrench and feeling the wind..


Warriors Prayer

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Sunday morning I pull my iron horse from its stall. Turn the key and a crack of thunder parts the sound of silence. In the back of my mind I wonder wich one of my neighbors are damming the one thing I dreamed of doing all-night. That thought quickly evaporates to I am a Iron Warrior and my brothers are waiting so I must ride to meet them.

I say a prayer for all Iron Warriors here on earth and those that ride the havens on their V-twins as large as the grandest mountains. This is a brother hood next to none. It is my religion, my demons and my honor to serve and be a part of an elite group of people that serve the public putting their life on the line each and every day.

We are Warriors. We are not just Warriors but Iron Warriors. We are Iron Warriors and we will stand and fight what the common fear. The highway is my path to the havens. I will ride its valleys and mountains to the promise land and will embrace the winds that wear my face.

As an Iron Worrier you need not fear me although I only ask for your respect and in return I will serve with Pride Integrity and Guts.


Words worth repeating

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" I may not be able to save your life but I will be there with you till the end"    By  Rooster 7 Bridges chapter.

That is why some never truely experience what it is to be an IW, they have head knowledge but not heart knowledge."   By Kilo 7 Bridges chapter

Please add yours in comments....


It's what we do.

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It's what we do. 

We ride Motorcycles

fast and true

We love our lady's

thru and thru 

We fight what people fear

because we fear them to 

We chose to live

this crazy life

No other life

we would chose 

We fight the fight

We fight to win

Never thinking

Of the end

Tears will be shed

for our Friend

Brothers are chosen

till the end 


RIP Suicide.

Muskrat's Musings

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Hearing the sound of the highway and the smell of the rain on the asphalt,

Time is passing by so quick these days, some days I miss smoking, watching the smoke trail pass into the sky,

Hearing the tink,tink as the engine cools from the ride, Remebering friends past andsome of the crazy times we shared.

The friends that have passed on,always in the back of the mind, Years spent doing our Duty,

The memories some good, but when sleep comes sometimes so do the Night Terrors the not so good memories.

Some days I miss the drink it wasalways a way to forget the past, to try and drown the times that Iwould love to forget.

I call it making friends with the Grey Ghost but as with all Ghosst they sometimes come back to haunt you,

So here I am awake and remembering the Sins of the past,

It is easy to forgive your fellow man but to make peace with oneself is sometimes hard,

The actions we took even though it may have been our job, in a strange sense I somehow enjoyed the deed.

Some people ask why I like being alone, Its a safe place for me to be.

In the early 80's in a Bar in Naples a friend made a comment you Bikers are a strange breed you enjoy being alone together.

I laughed then, but I knew for me it was the truth, We the share the wind, no need for idle chatter,

The full moon on the back roads, and the darkness of a moonless night.

The smell of the ocean and the sight of the forest.

The smell of the heat from themotor we know every sound, Every tick and squeak of the bike.

And Yes the thunder of the Motor, we even know when it ain't right.

The older Iget the more I understand. Somedays the only peace I have is in the wind.  

Sorry for the ramblings,,,, thought you may enjoy....  Loner : Better the freedom of being alone.

                             instead of

             the illusion of Safety in the herd. Words lie, Actions speak...... 

A Toast to the New Year

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This has been on our 'News' page, but thought it worthy of Blog space to show you what I'm talking about when we refer to Brotherhood, poetry, and hellish writers in the club:

A toast to you my Iron Warrior brothers and sisters!

This past year has came and gone!


We Have laughed and we have cried!

We have fought hard on that "Thin Blue Line!"


We run into the gunfight, we put out the fire!


We have lost Iron Warrior brothers and sisters, sometimes i wonder,

Does anyone really care?


I look out at you; I see your Iron Warrior vest you wear!

You wear it with pride, because you the Iron Warriors are always there!


Your hearts are large, but I know you are tuff!

I also am an Iron Warrior. "I love you so much!"


So to you the Fireman and the Policeman as well,

be careful out there, our work is pure HELL!


I salute you my brother, with this i say, to our fallen comrade Iron Warriors I toast you today!


Let us stand and fight once more, the fire the criminal, who will be the first thru the door?


So, yes we are Iron Warriors, our colors we wear with pride! So lets get on our Harleys and " BY GOD LETS RIDE!"